100% plant origin ingredients. The chemical components as Triclosan is widely used in household chemistry and they leave  irreversible effects to nature. PURENN uses 100%  herbal ingredients which naturally recover and  promote the sustainable use of natural cycles.

Everything in nature is a unified cycle. Washing, rinsing, cleaning withPURENN means you canbe sure that it does not pollute thewater cycle and does not affect the biological quality and diversity.

80% of substances we take through the skin, the air we breathe and all the chemicals that enter the air, we eat from the dishes and it is what it has been washed with goes into our feed system.Our every step we interact with detergents and cleaning products. It is therefore important that those products not harm to us - choose PURENN 

PURENN has developed a particularly friendly floor detergent forour best friends - pets. Tool effectively cleans dirt from the floor, making it bright and without leaving streaks.

Towards the autumn season, do not forget to take care of health. However, if the meet to catch a cold, then you know that the lime essential oil helps fight rhinitis. Lime strengthens immunity, it makes it easier to tolerate cold disease and promotes faster recovery.

Lavender has a universal package effects of both on human physical and emotional well-being - it soothes, balances internally, reduces mood swings, soothes headaches, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the body's defenses, as well as the scent deters insects.

Optical brighteners are chemicals that reflect light and create optical whiteness effect. The fabric looks cleaner and whiter than it actually is. Optical brighteners remains on the fabric fibers after washing and may cause allergic reactions and skin irritations. You can be assured that PURENN do not use these chemical substances in its products !