Product development process and responsible producing draws inspiration from nature and we value actions that are in balance with nature. We can assure you that this PURENN line is family-, animal-, land-, forest-, meadow- and sea-friendly.

Certificate issued by EcoControl, stating the PURENN production process, raw materials and the final product complete eco product status, by NCP (Natural Care Product) criteria.


Natural ingredients - a logical choice

PURENN use only natural origin surface active agents which are directly responsible for cleaning and washing.

PURENN use natural origin plant extracts and essences of our region.

PURENN do not add colorants, fragrances and limits the use of only natural essential oils.

PURENN uses natural food preservatives.

Green living                                   

PURENN uses 100% herbal ingredients which naturally recover and promote the sustainable use of natural cycle.

PURENN products are quickly and fully biodegradable.

PURENN product packaging is recyclable.

PURENN product toxic composition is safe for all living species in aquatic system.

Do not pollute the water cycle and do not affect its biological quality and diversity by washing, rinsing, cleaning with PURENN products.


Family friendly                             

PURENN products are free of aggressive chemicals, but are safe, natural origin - harmless to the respiratory tract and skin.

PURENN product toxic composition is close to the water. If they get into your mouth, they are not harmful.

PURENN products have no effect on air quality. Negligible indoor air pollution

Without GMO                   

PURENN products are free of GMO substances.

PURENN products consists exclusively herbal and natural origin substances and essences.


With respect to animals  

No products or ingredients are tested on animals.

PURENN products are friendly for pets. They don't have unnecessary colorants, fragrances and aggressive substances.