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What happens when a chemistry expert becomes a mother of three?

Apart from the increasing chaos around me? Naturally, my protective maternal instinct kicked in and regular cleaning products worried me. Their strong chemical smells only reminded me of how toxic they were.

So, I started looking for alternatives that were effective, safe and eco-friendly. This was not easy, because there aren’t many options that tick all the boxes.​

After a long search I put my chemistry hat on. Soon I created a full range of all-natural cleaning products. Safe and effective, with fragrant scents developed from natural sources like berries, herbs and fruits.

A solution that ticked all the boxes!​

This is how the company was born. Since then, our team has grown and together we strive to maintain the exceptionally high standards of our product range.


Our mission is to have zero negative impact on the environment, animals and people. The full product range is:

A solution that does the job, without the harm.

EcoControl certification and NCP eco-product-status ensures that products are produced in a natural and environmentally friendly way, without animal testing, microplastics or petrochemistry.

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