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All purpose cleaner for kitchen with apple and rowanberry extracts 0,5L All purpose cleaner for kitchen with apple and rowanberry extracts 0,5L
-20 %
Model: 4751024880067
Concentrated formulation infused with apple and rowanberry extracts effectively cleanses all washable surfaces in kitchen. Plant-based formula safely removes grease, grime, dirt, mold, mildew and other stuck-on debris in your kitchen Purified water, Anionic surfactant (Plant derived) ≤ 5%, Non-io..
2.76€ 3.45€
Ex Tax:2.28€
Model: 4751024880074
Concentrated formulation infused with lemon essential oil and rowanberry extract effectively cleanses all washable surfaces in bathroom. Plant-based specially designed formula safely removes grime, dirt, mold, mildew, water stains and soap scum in your bathroom Purified water, Amphoteric surfacta..
Ex Tax:2.93€
PURENN limescale remover 0.5L PURENN limescale remover 0.5L
-20 %
Model: 4751024880104
Concentrated formulation for removal of limescale on tiles, taps, sinks in bathroom and kitchen. Based on citric acid, known as a quickly and fully degradable ingredient. Purified water, citric acid, Ethanol (Vegetable origin)..
3.09€ 3.85€
Ex Tax:2.55€
Model: 4751024880630
PURENN carpet and upholstery stain remover effectively helps to clean various kinds of household fabrics. It removes dirt, stains and odour from fabrics like carpets, sofas, mattresses, curtains and car seats, leaving behind no agglutinant residue.  Safe for your family and nature, non-toxic and bio..
Ex Tax:3.68€
PURENN HYDROP disinfectant 0.5L PURENN HYDROP disinfectant 0.5L
-30 %
Model: 4751024881453
Purenn disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide for disinfection of hands and various surfaces. At the average of 30 seconds, the disinfectant limits the spreading of bacteria and viruses inducing infections.  For the use on both solid and soft surfaces such as tables, handles, mixing taps, ma..
4.13€ 5.90€
Ex Tax:3.41€
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